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Best eating out of town

The Mornington Peninsula food trail

And here’s some of the absolute best Peninsula food, selected by the highly-rated local chef Phil Wood in Traveller:

Cape Schanck olive oil is “just remarkable … produced using a single varietal ethos, each one of their oils is distinctly different from the next and is a real eye opener for anyone that is accustomed to blended extra virgin olive oil …”

Just Fine Food's vanilla post: “The first time I visited Sorrento, I noticed the sign out the front: ‘Home of Sorrento's famous vanilla slice’. I thought for sure it was a tourist trap but I fell in to it anyway and I am so glad that I did. It is such a joyous delightful rendition of a classic vanilla slice.”

The kipfler potato at Hawkes Vegetables at Borneo: “At home, just roast them with some good butter, garlic and olive oil. It's like eating candy ...”

Mornington Peninsula Chocolates: “This Flinders providore produces beautiful handmade chocolates … their constantly changing truffle fillings are amazing and their hot chocolate served from the cafe is next level …”

Cakes & Ale on the main street of Sorrento “has a super relaxed vibe and great food,” highlighted by the twice-baked souffle, which is “fantastic”.

Sausage rolls at Foxey's Hangout: “The menu is super simple and full of flavour – I'll never get sick of the mushroom sausage rolls – and the place is always busy and humming.”

Coffee at Merricks General Wine Store is “a genuine community gathering place … a beautiful, leafy space and they often have amazing art on display inside the cottage.”

Best eating out of town
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