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Doot Doot Doot: a triumph

Roll up the driveway between gum trees and vines, writes Gemima Cody in Good Food, and you'll find a "wholesome landscape juxtaposed by cutting-edge design." Doot Doot Doot sits within a working winery of 11 hectares and a luxury hotel (called Jackalope) with a minimum $650-a-night price tag. For Dan Stock, in the Herald Sun, eating at Doot Doot Doot was nothing less than "one of the most joyful, accomplished and polished holistic dining experiences of recent memory." He writes of delicately sweet spanner crab meat paired with mashed potato seasoned with furikake (a Japanese seaweed/sesame mix) and bottarga (Italian dried mullet roe) - "a dish so decadent, so deft, so defiantly delicious it far surpasses the merely expensive") - and a plate of soft pumpkin dressed in a cloud of brown butter teamed with molasses-like black garlic, crunchy saltbush leaves and macadamia slivers - "stunning". You're eating with the seasons here, says Cody: "in late summer, reports came through of an endless parade of acidic treats. In winter, dinner can be like layering thermals." It's a restaurant that bring "warmth and light to the otherwise architecturally sleek, stark and dark dining room that so easily could be frosty in both tone and timbre," writes Stock, and where the food is "a triumph".

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