Guidebook Fen: Port Fairy's crown jewel

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Fen: Port Fairy's crown jewel

Fen is a jewel of regional dining, says the Herald Sun. It celebrates the land "in a way that's respectful and fun and — importantly — definitely delicious." Fen resides in Port Fairy, the village on Victoria's far west coast "that feels as if it might have inspired Herman Melville," as John Lethlean in The Australian puts it. "From wine list to crockery, food style and inspiration, Fen feels as on- message as any Noma-inspired city restaurant," he writes. It attracts "the gastro-tourist who wants it all" who's chasing "pretty dishes like crab meat with shaved macadamia, nut cream and a sweet/tart powder of Davidson plum, or yabbie in a dill froth accented with Geraldton wax … or kangaroo tartare combined with Jerusalem artichoke prepared three ways (puree, poached and roasted) and pickled native berries."

Best eating out of town
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