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Melbourne with kids

Ride Puffing Billy

"Dangle your legs over the open-sided carriages of Melbourne's much-loved steam train," says Together We Roam, and ride Puffing Billy "over the famous Monbulk creek trestle bridge, through the tranquil Dandenong Ranges of Mountain Ash trees and lush green fern gullies." The railway is a product of the late-19th century when Victoria's rail system expanded at an extraordinary rate, explains Melbourne On The Move, and just over 1150 miles of track were laid to link Melbourne's major population centres. "There's a nod to a bygone era of train travel, station masters are dressed in three-piece suit and hat are seen ringing the bell and waving the flag, conductors collect ticket punches in the carriage and train drivers in their coal stained overalls give a nod of their cap," says Together We Roam. And it's all within an hour's drive from the centre of Melbourne.

Melbourne with kids
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