Guidebook A whole lot more resources for doing Melbourne with kids

Melbourne with kids

A whole lot more resources for doing Melbourne with kids

Hundreds of thousands of kids live in Melbourne, and thousands more come to visit. So here are some fine resources to help parents navigate the kidscape:

  • Bambino Weekend describes itself as "a destination for parents, friends and families to explore, discover and be inspired" … a destination that says it differs from "the stock standard reviews of tourist attractions that are universally known and too often suggested for weekend activities."

  • Mama Knows is a network of websites (one each for north, south, east and west) that attempts to cover "every corner of this fine city" by "an inspiring Mamma who is sharing the very best of their neighbourhood - places to go, things to do and adventures to have!"

  • The Melbourne Kid says it loves to find the best places to go with toddlers and kids in Melbourne, any day of the week - "we love road trips and treat every day as an adventure."

  • Time Out has a whole section devoted to enjoying and exploring Melbourne with kids.

  • Melbourne Playgrounds touts itself as a "one-stop easy guide to find fun activities, playgrounds and services for your entire family."

  • Weekend Notes covers hundreds of events and activities via a comprehensive directory.

Melbourne with kids
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