Guidebook Luna Park: all the fun of the fair

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Luna Park: all the fun of the fair

"No childhood is complete without a walk through that famous giant mouth," observes Time Out, ranking Luna Park as #1 on its list of the top ten Melbourne attractions for kids. "From the moment you walk through you're exposed to a world full of carnival flair, from attractions that send you sky-high to historical carousel rides." Luna Park has been putting giant smiles on people’s faces for 100 years and its colourful rich history includes two world wars, vandal attacks, fires – including one that tragically took the lives of six children and one adult – various remodels and face lifts, says Weekend Notes.

"I always love the dodgem cars," says Melbourne Girl, and on the Street Legal Dodgems "we crashed and collided to disco tunes, as we hooned around the track targeting poor souls in front of us."

The Great Scenic Railway at Luna Park claims to be the world's longest continually operating roller coaster. It's a large wooden coaster that projects its passengers, at high speed, around the outside of the entire park with a standing brakeman in control aboard its moving carriages, explains Time Out, and is "just as exhilarating now as it was when it started in 1912," says Melbourne Girl, "providing not only a heart-pounding adventure, but also a stunning view of Port Phillip Bay."

In its older days, says Weekend Notes, Luna Park was the site of several tragic accidents that resulted in the deaths of staff and patrons, including that of Snake Charmer Henry Deline in 1913 - "he was bit on the throat by one of this Tiger Snakes during a performance." These days, though Luna Park adheres to strict safety measures and all rides are regularly tested and maintained to ensure safety – "however the park's resident ghost, 'the Joker Ghost' is said to still be seen scaring guests!"

Melbourne with kids
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