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Melbourne with kids

Mucking around in boats

Melbourne sits on a river, a bay and an ocean. So there are plenty of opportunities to muck around in boats. "From playing pirate to captaining a warship, there is a boat that will suit just about any nautical dream," reports Mum's Grapevine. The Polly Woodside circumnavigated the world 17 times, and now spends its days in Docklands, on the edge of the city, "waiting to show young buccaneers a good time." HMAS Castlemaine, one of 60 Bathurst Class Corvettes that served during World War II, has been "lovingly restored to its former glory," and is open every weekend and public holidays at Gem Pier in Williamstown. Which is where you can board the Williamstown Ferry and cruise through Southbank, Docklands, the Port of Melbourne, under the Westgate Bridge to the entrance of the city's Yarra river. Or head to "the perfect place for up-and-coming captains to try out their sailing legs" - Albert Park Lake, fifteen minutes from the city centre, a hive of activity with rowers and sailors.

Melbourne with kids
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