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Best eating in town

The best cheap eats in town

“Sandwiches in Venice!” you may think in horror, but Venetians are big fans of what they call tramezzini.  As Nicoletta Fornaro explains at Naturally Epicurean, “tramezzini are small bites of heavenly delight, triangular sandwiches with soft white bread with the crust removed,” stuffed to bursting with a variety of fillings. “I have always wondered how is it possible to fit so much food into such a small triangle.”  

Here are a handful of other good, affordable Venetian eateries:  

Bar ai Nomboli, where “you’ll need to summon all of your decision-making skills when faced with a choice of more than 100 sandwiches and almost 50 tramezzini.” (Time Out)  

Rosticceria Gislon was “born in the 30s and the furniture has never been changed” … it is famous for its mozzarella carrozza, “a fried sandwich filled with mozzarella,” to which you can add salmon, ham or anchovies. (Spotted by Locals)

Pasticceria Didovich: If you look past the artisan pastries you’ll find a smorgasbord of savoury quiches with vegetables, small bread or puff pastry pizzas, bowls of gnocchi and fresh salads. (Discovering Artigianato)

Alla Palanca on Giudecca is “one of the cheapest meals-with-a-view.” (Time Out)

Best eating in town
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