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Best eating in town

Bakeries to write home about

“Temptations chase you” in Venice, says Nicoletta Fornaro at Naturally Epicurean, “and not committing culinary sins can be a daunting task … from traditional dry biscuits to tiramisù, from buns and loaves to gelato, Venice really has it all.” She lists the “most known Venetian sweet treats” as Baicoli biscuits, pinza (“a poor cake made with dry bread, milk, sugar, eggs, raisins, dry fruit, apples and fennel seeds”), the classic mascarpone cream (“served with spicy mustard and the above mentioned baicoli”), and the “world famous” tiramisù.  

Among the best bakeries in town:

Pasticceria Tonolo ”is the stuff of local legend, a fact confirmed by the never-ending queue of customers … ditch packaged B&B croissants for flaky apfelstrudel (apple pastry), velvety bigne al zabaione (marsala cream pastry) and oozing pain au chocolate (chocolate croissants).” (Lonely Planet)  

Pasticceria Dal Mas: “Just be aware that you'll want to eat everything … their windows are beautiful and inviting … I especially love their huge biscuits … the pastry dough is the thing I prefer here, so I recommend trying anything with that, but really, whatever you'll choose stay sure you'll land on your feet.” (Naturally Epicurean)  

Rosa Salva is “one of the oldest of the city’s pastry specialists … founded in 1870 and now something of a catering empire” ... their branch in Campo Santo Giovanni e Paolo “has wonderful antique café décor,” and is a perfect spot to sample their signature budino, “a conical egg-and-semolina pastry dotted with sultanas.” (The Telegraph)  

Pasticceria Pitteri “has some of the most delicious croissants in Venice and when it comes to variety they are definitely unbeatable … marmalade, jam, cream and chocolate … a must try is the pistacchio croissant, so good it makes me want to cry…” (Naturally Epicurean)

Best eating in town
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