Guidebook Relive history at the Mac Cuu Family Tombs

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Relive history at the Mac Cuu Family Tombs

This “lush hillside” is the site of dozens of tombs of the Mac family, explains Vietnam Coracle. It is dedicated to the dynasty of Chinese immigrants who ruled Ha Tien for most of the 18th century. Mac Cuu was the founder of the land of Ha Tien who “left his country during the Qing dynasty to do business in Southeast Asian countries,” writes Kieu Giang at the Saigon Times_,_ then settled down in Ha Tien in 1680 and “greatly contributed to making the region a prosperous land.”  

It’s sometimes referred to as the “hill of tombs,” notes Fodors. There’s a temple to worship the Mac family and over 60 old tombs of Mac Cuu and his relatives, explains the Saigon Times. “There are two huge lotus ponds in front of the temple where Mac Cuu built to store fresh water for locals in dry season,” and two calligraphies given by Lord Nguyen can be found on the two sides of the temple’s entrance. The site is “covered by lots of high trees which give visitors a peaceful atmosphere,” and the tomb is “guarded by two huge stone army generals.”

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