Guidebook Relive bad deeds at Pirate Island

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Relive bad deeds at Pirate Island

A “small speck of an island, covered in lush vegetation and with clear blue waters,” is how Lonely Planet describes Pirate Island. Ten nautical miles off the coast, “hundreds of tourists chug past this archipelago of 16 islands and islets on their way to Phu Quoc island, yet scant few foreigners have stepped onto its shores,” notes Travelfish -- “and we’re wondering why.” It’s situated at the “conjunction of important trade routes,” which once made it the “ideal location for pirates to inhabit -- hence its name,” explains Travel Dreambook.

Until early 20th century, piracy remained “rife,” says Alo Trip. “The archipelago was an ideal place for pirates to shelter and attack merchantman.” But Pirate Island was also reputed to hold hidden treasure, and it’s rumoured the island was once invaded by mainlanders looking for the booty. And there’s a story about a “300-year-old map to look for the treasure” and a “great volume of ancient coin.” The best time to go is in spring “when the sea is turquoise with gentle waves,” advises Alo Trip.

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