Guidebook Sizzling pancakes at Banh Xeo 46A

Best eating in town

Sizzling pancakes at Banh Xeo 46A

“It's not hard to see why the banh xeo (‘sizzling pancake’) has become such a hit,” says CNN. “Unlike some Vietnamese creations, there are no challenges or nasty surprises.” At Banh Xeo, they are “lovely,” comments Apples Under My Bed. “A beautifully crisp and super light pancake, filled with with bright, bursting prawns, corn kernals and bean shoots,” and the soft yellow tinge (“thanks to the tumeric”) was “particularly pleasing, aesthetically.” The restaurant has been featured on numerous travel shows including Anthony Bourdain’s, and is “recommended by just about all guidebooks,” explains Migrationology. It’s located not far from Le Van Tam Park, and “once you see the bright pink Tan Dinh Church, you know you’re not far from the restaurant.”

Best eating in town
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