Guidebook Anan Saigon: street food plus French refinement

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Anan Saigon: street food plus French refinement

One of Saigon’s “best and most iconic Vietnamese restaurants,” says Vietcetra of Anan Saigon, in the heart of District 1’s Cho Cu Old Market. The menu “encapsulates Vietnam's vibrant street food culture, elevated by French techniques and high-quality, market-fresh ingredients,” according to A Foodie World. “A Dalat-inspired street pizza, for example, combines fresh herbs (a distinctive feature of Vietnamese gastronomy) with local artisanal cheese and premium pork sausage products.” It’s a unique location, writes the South China Morning Post, covering several floors, an open kitchen and bar and an outdoor space for a rooftop bar for 70 people standing up. And it has “one of the best views of Saigon” and the sunsets from here are “spectacular.”

Best eating in town
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