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Quan Ut Ut: ribs served with a vibe

This American barbecue joint is “wildly popular among locals,” says Fodors. Diners love “the tasty ribs, the craft beer, the cheeky menu, and the laid-back vibe.” It was set up by an American, Australian and French trio, who “charm the local dining scene with shared plates, communal park-bench style tables, stripped back surroundings, and low prices.” Its Vietnamese name, Quan Ut Ut, translates as "Restaurant Oink Oink," explains CNN. “They don't accept bookings so queues of up to an hour are common as diners wait patiently to, in the words of the owners, "get their ut ut on" and fill up on barbecued meat and a selection of local and imported beers.”

“Great food, funny people, and, of course, wonderfully delicious beers,” comments Crafty Trail. “They serve most of Vietnam’s locally-made craft beers, including choices from Pasteur Street, BiaCraft, Phat Rooster, and Lac. And taps change regularly.” The signature dish, the Bacon Bacon Burger, “is the glorious consequence of a passionate love affair between pig and cow,” explains Vietcetra. “The heavy smattering of their homemade bacon atop a 250g beef ground round, doused in a mix of ranch dressing, barbecue sauce, and crispy onions, reaffirms that in the arena of excess, America wins.”

“Mark Gustafson rolled into Saigon like some sort of seventeenth century porkmancer,” writes Thanh Nien News. “He brought knowledge of rib smoking, bacon curing and beer brewing to a town that had little, and within six months he “unleashed it all” at Quan Ut Ut. The response has been “overwhelming … crusty old white men are coming in from the provinces having heard rumors of fall-off-the-bone ribs and real bacon.”

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