Guidebook Quan An Ngon: it’s gargantuan

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Quan An Ngon: it’s gargantuan

“It's frenetic, with countless servers rushing around, endless people, and tables crammed in tightly,” explains Undiscovered Guide. But “oh boy, the menu ... it offers a truly gargantuan range of Vietnamese dishes.” With “casual communal seating at large wooden bench tables arrayed across the courtyard,” says Asia Bars, guests at Quan An Ngon are immersed in the preparation of the dishes, while efficient and friendly service from multilingual staff assists with explanations and recommendations.” Food stalls surround the dining area in the “open-air restaurant draped with tents and twinkling lights,” so before ordering “walk past the cooks and piles of ingredients to see the dishes coming together,” says UI. “Ask the servers to help narrow down the options, then order a table full of plates to share.”

Best eating in town
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