Guidebook Some of the best eating in town


Some of the best eating in town

A small selection of restaurants favored by the critics:

Ba Le Well: “In a town that boasts hundreds of restaurants catering to tourists, finding an authentic local restaurant can be a challenge … located in a small lane at 45 Tran Cao Van, Ba Le has recently expanded from a tight laneway setting with great success … now you can enjoy Hoi An street food in the adjacent garden, discovering why everyone is talking about Hoi An cuisine, and you can enjoy it all under the stars.” (Hoi An Now)

Bun Bo Cafe: “It's in the alley off Phan Chu Trinh Street and my favourite afternoon snack is their signature dish called bun bo, a spicy broth with rice noodles and beef.” (Traveller)

Streets: “Do the meals taste exceptional here because Streets is for a good cause? Perhaps it helps to know that the staff are disadvantaged youths trained up in hospitality, but the textbook-good cao lau and white-rose dumplings deserve an A+ regardless.” (Lonely Planet)

White Rose Restaurant: “It’s an institution … the banh bao, or white rose dumplings, that this place produces -- at a rate of 6000 a day -- are made here and only here, according to a century-old family recipe, and are then dispatched every morning to countless restaurants around town.” (The Australian)

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