Guidebook Make sure to try Hoi An’s special foods


Make sure to try Hoi An’s special foods

Hoi An takes Vietnam’s “culinary crown” with three signature dishes, says Alexis Mastroyiannis at Suitcase

Cao Lau: “Just like Hoi An’s architecture, this signature local dish reflects the town’s multicultural past … thick, udon-style noodles nestle in an unmistakably Vietnamese gravy, topped with barbecued pork, slivers of crackling, and a side of fresh, minty local greens to add at your discretion.”

Mi Quang: “It features flat, deliciously slippery rice noodles in a slightly sweet broth, usually topped with pork, shrimp, herbs and, if you’re getting the real deal, a toasted square of sesame rice paper … the broth here is the real star; rich, intense, artfully spiced.”

Bia hoi and fried wontons: “Bia hoi -- fresh, frothy short-brewed draft beer -- is unbeatable for fighting Vietnam’s pounding heat … in Hoi An, bia hoi has found its perfect accompaniment: fried wontons ... these crispy, sauce-topped treats offer a salty, crunchy contrast to your refreshing beer.”

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