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Da Nang has more than 90km of “stunning coastline,” says Living Nomads, and boasts “numerous pristine beautiful beaches with bleached-white sand and crystal-clear blue water.” The main beach areas are the northern part of Da Nang that includes Xuan Thieu Beach (Red Beach)” and Thanh Binh Beach facing Da Nang Bay, explains Departful -- “both offer incredible white sand, blue water and fewer tourists, but also lack many facilities … best to prep your picnic basket or cooler for the day.”

Here are some of the beaches worth visiting:

Xuan Thieu beach “is one of the most beautiful beaches in Da Nang … located in Xuan Thieu ecotourism … beach water is clean and green … there are abundant sports activities such as sailing, skiing, and renting tents, accommodation services, and restaurants.” (Exotic Voyages)

My Khe beach “is 900m long and is popular with both locals and visitors … once listed in the US Forbes Magazine as one of the 6 most beautiful beaches in the world, it is an idyllic beach with bleached-white sand, crystal-clear blue water, gentle waves, and the poetical lines of coconuts.” (Living Nomads)

Non Nuoc is “a dusty, unkempt village, inhabited since the fifteenth century by stone carvers … follow the paved road east from the village and you reach Non Nuoc Beach, a pleasant stretch of beach that competes for business with its northern neighbour, My Khe … a note of warning, however: there’s a powerful undertow off this coast, so riptides are particularly dangerous.” (Rough Guides)

The beaches of Son Tra Peninsula: “Son Tra is surrounded by beautiful beaches like Nam Beach, Rang Beach, But Beach, Tien Sa Beach, Con Beach and Bac Beach … these beaches have common characteristics: relatively large slopes, and blue water appropriate for the types of resort services, fishing, hiking, and diving to watch coral reefs.” (Exotic Voyages)

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