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Gasp at the Fire-Breathing Dragon Bridge

A 1,864-foot-long bridge with a steel dragon that “breathes fire.” That’s how how Atlas Obscura describes Da Nang’s unique fire-breathing bridge, which spans the Han River and commemorates the 38th anniversary of the taking of city by the North Vietnamese near the end of the Vietnam War. “The metallic dragon was modeled on one from the Ly Dynasty” and is illuminated with 2,500 LED lights.

“As far as symbols of a resurgent country -- and city -- go,” says CNN, there can be “few as bullish” as this dragon-shaped bridge that “breathes fire and spouts plumes of water.” Watching it shoot fire “might seem a bit terrifying for the six lanes of traffic that drive beneath the mythical giant, but it can also playfully spray water from its mouth,” says Atlas Obscura. But this particular dragon “isn’t some mythical creature,” explains The Smithsonian, and its “weekend pyrotechnic displays have become a tourist attraction.”

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