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Explore the massive Son Tra Peninsula

It’s a “beautiful rainforest that juts out into the sea,” writes Nomadasaurus. The Son Tra Peninsula is over 4000 hectares “this place is massive!” -- so “rent a scooter or motorcycle to ride along the newly-built road to the end and check out the nature reserve, and stop off to visit one of the most important religious sights in the area, Quan Am.” And “keep an eye out for the red shanked duoc langars” that live on the Peninsula, “they are quite beautiful if you catch a glimpse of one!”

“Part Statue of Liberty, part Rio’s Christ the Redeemer.” That’s Da Nang’s 67m-high “stark-white standing Buddha,” located on the Son Tra peninsula, “that can be seen from many places around the city,” explains Escape. “The statue has 17 floors, each devoted to a different form of Buddha and the 17th floor has stairs leading to the statue’s head.” This statue of the bodhisattva Avalokiteśvara (or the Goddess of Mercy) is the most prominent part of a pagoda complex, explains Architecture of the Buddhist World.

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