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The waterfalls are something else ...

The Central Highlands is home to “a variety of magnificent waterfalls,” explains Living Nomads. Yaly Waterfall “features many large pools and oasises,” and is often “the first destination for many tours in the Central Highlands.” Thuy Tien Waterfall include “many stairs and three platforms pouring out white bubbles,” Dieu Thanh Waterfall is made up of “a big waterfall flowing down from a height of about 30m and many small waterfalls,” Ba Tang Waterfall “flows down three platforms before reaching the stream,” and the path across the forest at Dak Nong Waterfall “is covered by lush green trees and creepers on valuable wood and is considered one of the most beautiful paths in the country.”

Pongour Waterfall is 45 kilometres from Dalat, and is said to be “the most beautiful waterfall in the entire south of Vietnam,” notes Craig Tansley at International Traveller -- “although I find Prenn Waterfall, just 10 kilometres from Dalat equally as pretty, cascading as it does down to a small valley of flowers and pines.”

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