Guidebook Khanh Hoa: deep sea and deep history

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Khanh Hoa: deep sea and deep history

It has “the deepest sea in the country with a coastline spanning over a length of 200 km,” says Vietnam Online. With more than 200 islands of various sizes, its coastline is home to spectacular bays like Cam Ranh Bay (“one of the few harbors that have the best condition in the world”), Van Phong Bay (“an artless, wonderful site with a temperate climate, ideal beaches, and diverse coral reefs”), and Nha Trang Bay (“an internationally famous sea resort which is ranked as the 29th most beautiful bay in the world”).

Khanh Hoa has been “deeply marked by the strong ancient culture of the Cham,” explains Maze Vietnam, and this culture distinguishes the region from other provinces. The Champa kingdom has “left many valuable historical constructions and ancient sites” -- historical destinations such as Cham Towers, Bao Dai Palace, and Hon Chong -- so expect to experience “one of the greatest masterpieces of history in Vietnam.”

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