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Explore the coast of Phu Yen

Phu Yen has 189 km of coastline and “beautiful, deserted beaches,” says The Hotel Guru. “Very little infrastructure exists, and the locals still make their living primarily off the sea,” which makes this small district a perfect destination “if you're looking for a Vietnamese beach break without the crowds.” And for visitors in March (usually, depending on the lunar cycle), the fish praying festival is a “three day marathon of feasting and prayer to the sea Gods for a safe and profitable catch.”

The temperature in summer can reach up to 40 degrees celsius, notes Maze Vietnam, but this intense heat “only makes you enjoy the coolness of Phu Yen beaches even more.” Among the Phu Yen highlights recommended by Maze Vietnam are:

Da Dia Reef: “Stretches up to 200 kilometres along the seashore and contains 35000 uniformly structured hexagonal stones … blue sea water and jaw-dropping stone structure.”

Dai Lanh lighthouse: “The first place in Vietnam to catch the glorious glimpse of sunrise in the early morning … paradise for people who want to insulate from real life.”

Mang Lang church: “Having existed for over 120 years, Mang Lang church has preserved many important historical pieces of evidence and its glamor still shines throughout the history.”

Must-do List
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