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Top end of town (2): Grossi Florentino

It’s opulence of a different kind at Grossi Florentino, “where they’ll open the door for you, hang your jacket, pull out your chair and fold your napkin across your lap,” explains Broadsheet. Originally opened in 1928, the grand dining room reflects the Renaissance era, with dark wood tables, tall leather upholstered chairs, black marble and large murals plastered across the walls.

It would be easy to write Grossi Florentino off as antiquated, says Gourmet Traveller, “but the more pertinent thing to do is surrender to Guy Grossi's vision of old-school elegance … suited waiters uphold fine-dining traditions, from attentive service to the theatre of avvinare, the Italian ritual of rinsing a glass with the wine to be served … the kitchen gratifies most when it does the least … bright rabbit agrodolce, egg-yolk ravioli and roast spatchcock stay true to the room's classic lines, as does the mighty cellar.”

“The kitchen uses top-quality ingredients in traditionally decadent dishes of venison carpaccio, lardo ravioli and honeycomb tripe, suckling pig, roast partridge and hand-cut fettuccini with rock lobster,” observes Broadsheet. “This is dining at the top level and service is precise, but discreet.”

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Best eating in town
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