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Top end of town (1): Vue de Monde

Perched on the 55th floor of the Rialto office tower, where “the room buzzes with energy and freshness,” the food at Vue de Monde (“top of the world”) has ‘wow’ factor “yet it is flavour and texture that impress most,” says Good Food. And the view over Melbourne never gets boring.

“You’ll be smashing liquid nitrogen frozen herbs at altitude, and should your wallet be thick enough, sipping something outlandish while you do,” says Gemima Cody in Time Out. And while upwards of eight staff, (including chefs) make cameo appearances at your table, service is a smooth ride from the second you step from the private elevator, to the moment you’re whisked back to Earth clutching your goodie-bag of brioche and tea for take-home breakfast. “A restaurant like Vue de Monde is not part of normal life (though apparently one couple has been 41 times),” says Good Food. “The trick is to make the rarefied also feel warm, to let diners celebrate their own occasions while being carried along by a premium experience.”

Vue de Monde

Dinner at Vue de Monde.

But beware, warns Time Out, they do two sittings at Vue … “the early shift is readily available, but you’ll only get one hour and forty-five minutes in which to do the four course a la carte menu or attempt a speedy six-course deg. And at $150/$210 we can’t recommend it. You need time to do this place justice. And that means shooting for Sunday lunch, or trawling the website for late evening tables that won’t be flipped. Why they don't tell us this, as we're bemusedly inquiring how one actually does their premium ten-course degustation, we'll never know. But now you do, wait it out and book assertively, because the experience of dining here is incomparable.”

Best eating in town
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