Guidebook Green marvels at the Tra Su Cajuput Forest

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Green marvels at the Tra Su Cajuput Forest

This forest “boasts all possible shades of green,” writes Le Diem at The Guide -- the “dark green of the cajuput trees,” the “fresh grass-green of the water hyacinths covering the water,” and the “giant green carpet our boat was gliding on.” And the “green dress of the jungle” is “colourfully embellished with some pink lotus and water-lilies, white cajuput, and many other unnameable flowers.” As you travel in a motorboat “deeper into the forest,” you can see birds perched on branches, “including storks, teals, herons, moorhens, and tailorbirds.” There are some “70 types of birds and 140 types of plants in the area.”  

The best time to visit is during the “high water season” from September to November, advises Travel Vietnam. “At this time of the year, the entire forest floats on a vast area, so a motor-boat is the only way to travel around.” This “fascinating ecotourism site” is a vibrant forested area that is dry most of the year, explains The Culture Trip, but during the rainy season it “turns into a flooded forest, making it ideal for a guided boat tour through the region.”

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