Guidebook See the fine collection at the Museum of Royal Antiquities

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See the fine collection at the Museum of Royal Antiquities

Nearly 10,000 Nguyen Dynasty antiquities are preserved and displayed here, reports Vietnam Tourism. The main showroom, Long An Palace, “is considered one of Vietnam’s most beautiful, existing palaces.” There are 16 collections inside and outside the Palace, including “many of Vietnam’s precious handicraft fine arts objects such as Hue enamelled bronze wares, sets of gold tree branches and jade leaves, sets of wooden articles inlaid with mother.”

It’s a “dark single story timber structure with pointed roof with exquisite wood carving,” explains Inspirock. Apart from a fine collection of the royal family’s antique pieces “including gold seals, hand-stitched robes, and gilded books and silver screens,” the “centrepiece of a well-maintained garden is a royal urn surrounded by several muzzle-loading canons mounted on carved pedestals and a number of sculptures.” And after being hidden from the public for more than seven decades “in obscurity,” notes VN Express, these remnants of the Cham dynasty dating back to the 7th century are now on full display.

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