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Hue Festival

“A week of cultural events, games and performances,” is how Bitten By The Travel Bug describes the Hue Festival -- “from the Hue Poetry Festival to Ao Dai Fashion Shows, kite flying competitions and boat races, human chess and a variety of arts events; there are events to impress people of every age.”

It’s “one of the biggest festivals in Vietnam,” says Vietnam Online. The Festival “reconstructs the whole city with many community-based events which are organized both inside and outside of the city to rejuvenate the traditional values of Hue.” Those events include The Night of the Palace, Nam Giao Worshiping Ceremony, Truyen Lo Ceremony, Ao Dai Festival, Sea Festival, Kite Competition and Human Chess. “The city also re-organizes many traditional festivals and recovers many traditional craft villages.”

Must-Do List
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