Guidebook Galleries, big and small, are everywhere

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Galleries, big and small, are everywhere

It’s impossible to go to Melbourne and not see a striking work of art, says The Culture Trip, “whether it be the various outdoor sculptures, the stunning architecture, or the abundance of urban, street and graffiti art for which the city has become famous.” And with all kinds of galleries from government and public to privately run, along with countless underground studios and spaces, “one often has to look hard to see the treasures that are hidden down side roads or tucked away through small doors in the laneways.”

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Between the commercial, public and artist-run galleries there is much to discover in Melbourne’s contemporary arts scene, reports the Lonely Planet Melbourne Guide. A good place to tap in is Gertrude Contemporary Art Space, which hosts exhibitions by emerging artists and fosters innovative and challenging new works. The Australian Centre for Contemporary Art also hosts “cutting-edge programs of exhibitions as well as developing large-scale projects with Australian (and international) artists,” and the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) exhibits film and multimedia works by contemporary artists, and the Centre for Contemporary Photography has “a strong photo- and film-based program.”

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