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Arty Melbourne

It all starts with the NGV

"As you approach the National Gallery of Victoria along a boulevard jangling with trams in downtown Melbourne,” writes famous Australian novelist Tim Winton in The Economist’s 1843 magazine, “it’s easy to see why a former director called it ‘the Kremlin of St Kilda Road’. It’s a massive rectangular block whose bluestone walls have something of the penitentiary about them, and in a quarter teeming with tourists and commuters it manages to retain a perpetual and sinister remoteness." The NGV, as everyone calls it, was recently named #19 on the list of the world’s 20 most visited art museums by The Art Newspaper, reports Harper's Bazaar. The vast gallery on St Kilda Road, a few minutes walk from the centre of the city, houses well over 70,000 pieces of artwork in “a striking building which features a soaring roofline and external water wall which is a work of art in itself” according to D’Marge.

Arty Melbourne
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