Guidebook Take a walking tour of Melbourne’s stylish heritage buildings

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Take a walking tour of Melbourne’s stylish heritage buildings

Although much of Victorian Melbourne was destroyed between the 1950s and 1980s, there are still plenty of reminders of a glorious past along most city streets and lanes, wedged between skyscrapers and apartment buildings. “Melbourne has one of the best collection of Victorian terrace homes (also known as town or row houses) in the world,” says Walking Melbourne. The movement which originated in England made best use of available land space and the popular Victorian Filligree style saw decorative cast iron become extremely popular in the city during the 1880s and the polychrome brick style also produced a uniquely ‘Melbourne’ style of terrace.”

“In 1835, Melbourne was a village of tents and impermanent dwellings. Fed by the wealth of the 1850s’ gold rush and the economic boom of the 1880s, it rapidly acquired many graceful buildings. Today, the city’s architecture is very eclectic, with a strong Victorian element. The range of architectural styles is impressive, from beautiful restorations to outstanding contemporary novelties.”

-DK Eyewitness Travel Australia guidebook.

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