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See the ‘sea cow’ in the wild

The manatee is “one of the stars of Florida's marine life,” says Lonely Planet. It’s an elusive “slow-moving 1000-pound mammal whose grazing habits (on freshwater and saltwater plants) have earned it the moniker 'sea cow'.” One of the best places to see them in the wild is at Manatee Park, which is “set around a warm-water tributary of the Caloosahatchee River.

The best time to visit Manatee Park is during the winter season, recommends US News. “During the colder months, the animals flock to warm pockets of water to escape chilly temperatures,” it says, and because the park is directly on the warm water discharge canal of the Florida Power & Light company, “it's a popular spot for these gentle creatures.” There are observation decks to see the animals up close, “but you can also hop into a kayak and paddle out to spot them.” And although you probably won't see manatees if you visit in summer, “you can enjoy the park's 16 acres in kayaks or on guided tours.”

Fort Myers and Sanibel
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