Guidebook Bird Island: where they flock at dusk

Fort Myers and Sanibel

Bird Island: where they flock at dusk

“About a half-hour boat ride from Fort Myers, there is a tiny island of lush mangroves,” writes Dennis Blank at the Orlando Sentinel. “It looks no different from other little islands that surround it,” but at dusk Bird Island becomes “a huge airport for several birds.” This island is “overnight home” to flocks of pelican, herons, blackbirds and other birds, “which all arrive at scheduled times just before the sun sets,” he explains. Each species has its designated resting area, and “the reason they come to that particular island, bird enthusiasts say, is because it is safe. Other islands have predators such as snakes, and the birds instinctively know not to go there.”

Fort Myers and Sanibel
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