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An Binh island is “absolutely teeming with life,” says Saigon For 91 Days. The roads are “busy with scooters and kids on their way to or from school,” but it’s not just “human life that abounds” on An Binh. “With so much water and sunshine to go around, everything can flourish … plants, chickens, flowers, humans, trees, mosquitoes, rivers.”  

It takes only five minutes on the ferry across the river from Vinh Long to get there, explains Rough Guides. “It’s a jigsaw of bite-sized pockets of land, skeined by a fine web of channels and gullies,” and this idyllic landscape is “crisscrossed by a network of dirt paths, making it ideal for a morning’s rambling or cycling.” Homestays on the island are a “great alternative” for staying in Vinh Long, says Travelfish. “Meandering paths through lush greenery and waving children on bicycles await travellers willing to make the journey by ferry across the river to get here.”

Must do
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