Guidebook Some of the Mekong Delta’s best eating


Some of the Mekong Delta’s best eating

Hu Tieu Banh Cam (My Tho)  is all about the Hu Tieu … a popular noodle soup in the Mekong Delta … My Tho has it’s own version … generally, it has more seafood than the original version … there are a ton of places to get it, but the best we had was at Hu Tieu Banh Cam, which also serves up delicious banh cam.” (Itchy Feet on The Cheap)

Song Nuoc (My Tho): “One of the best restaurants in the city, Song Nuoc is primarily accessible by boat … its specialty is elephant ear fish, a strange-looking fish but surprisingly delicious … along with the freshly-made spring rolls, the fish is one of the reasons people keep coming back.” (Asia Highlights)

Nam Son Restaurant (Ben Tre): “This local institution has spanned 3 generations and 70 years … good solid delta cuisine -- plenty of fresh ingredients … arrive early … dinner's done before 7.30.” (Rusty Compass)

Ving Long Market: “Point to what looks good and you will be chowing down on something cheap, authentic, and delicious in no time … one tasty local specialty is banh uot, which translates literally as "wet cakes" but in reality is a dish of steamed rice crepes, pickled vegetables, shredded pork, and barbecued pork patties topped with a tangy dressing.” (Fodors)

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