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Best eating on the island

Crab House: “A sports-themed seafood shack run by a Vietnamese American local raised in the south of the US before returning to his hometown. Donning giant neck napkins, visitors can tuck into large bowls of fresh crab and lobster coupled with flavourful spicy sauces sprinkled with a dashing of American southern soul.” (The Telegraph)  

Red Rum: “Could there be anything better than fish so fresh that it still smells of the sea? Yes, as a matter of fact there is -- to enjoy that fish on the beach, with nothing but the lick of flames to cook it and the only soundtrack being the waves lapping the shore … lowly lit in the evening and with a really natural feel, this pavillion-esque restaurant is tastefully decorated to highlight the wider environment of sea and sand, as well as allowing the focus to fall on the amazing food.” (Ideal magazine)  

Gio Bien (“Sea Breeze”): “Up north, at the beachside joint … with hammocks and tables under casuarina trees -- we found what was easily the finest squid I’ve ever tasted … our waiter, who looked about 14, set a brazier full of smoldering charcoal on the table, then returned bearing a platter of raw squid -- mottled, eight-inch beauties, their rigid beaks still intact, swimming in chili oil and sea salt … nervously at first, we placed them on the grill to sizzle for a few minutes … they came out perfectly tender, with a buttery taste backed by a hint of brine.” (Travel & Leisure)  

Saigonese Eatery: “Exudes a casual atmosphere perfect for having a laid-back dining experience … the Vietnamese food served here is cooked with passion, using a well-balanced range of flavours … the staff are so friendly and if the owner is around, she will make your way over to your table and passionately explain every dish you order or would like to order in detail.” (The Culture Trip)

 Duong Dong night market: “Jam-packed with tourists chowing down on seafood … there are live tanks and displays piled high on ice: grouper, crab, squid, prawns, lobster, clams, urchins, scallops, just to name a few … it’s prepared however you like, with a choice of sauces.” (Travelfish)  

Rory’s Beach Bar: “Decked out in surfboards and lanterns, with a mix of young locals and tourists, Rory’s Beach Bar (run by a chatty and laid-back Australian sibling duo) offers a no-frills barefoot beachfront location for a relaxed sunset drink, with chairs and tables placed right on the soft sands of the water's edge.” (The Telegraph)  

On The Rocks (Mango Bay): “The outdoor wooden deck overlooking the sea is the ideal place to watch the sunset while imbibing on good food and drink with your lover … the location and atmosphere of On The Rocks is unrivaled on the island and the food is good too … there’s a specials board largely adorned with sea creatures, and the waiters will steer you towards the most popular dishes of a similar bent from the longer menu … there are a number of delicious sounding Thai dishes on the menu, which makes sense as the restaurant overlooks the Thai Gulf.” (Ideal magazine)

Kim’s Seafood: “This is a charming venue, located off the well-trodden tourist track, and operated lovingly by the wonderful Mr Kim … and as if that wasn’t enough, he cooks up some first-class food too ... Vietnamese specialities including hotpot, cobia fish, prawns and grilled squid are available here with extremely reasonable price tags.” (The Culture Trip)

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