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Best eating in town

Bassac Restaurant: “The old worlde charm of the Victoria Chau Doc Hotel extends to its in-house restaurant, which serves Western and Asian cuisine in a stylish riverfront setting … take a seat on the terrace to enjoy the sunset (and happy hour at the bar) and the attentive but discreet service … this is the priciest place in town, but the food, the staff, and the river views make it worthwhile.” (Fodors)  

Memory Delicatessen: “This glossy cafe-restaurant that attracts local trendies is memorable for its wonderful melange of international dishes, from the excellent pizzas topped with imported ingredients to the fragrant vegetable curry with coconut milk and lemongrass, accompanied by an array of fresh juices and imaginative shakes.” (Lonely Planet)

Mekong Restaurant: “One of Chau Doc's oldest eateries and one of the most popular with travellers … the food's good and its setting, in the grounds of an early twentieth century French colonial villa, is a big part of its appeal.” (Rusty Compass)  

Bay Bong: “Pull up a stool at this sidewalk restaurant and pop open a Saigon beer while you look to see what the locals are eating … you can't go wrong with clay pot fish -- unless you don't like fish sauce, in which case go for clay pot pork, with juices that taste great over white rice.” (Fodors)

Com Chay Thanh Tinh “is a little market stall outside the main market … look for the word "chay" (vegetarian) on the front of the stall … offers mock meat, sprouts, Asian basil, greens, noodles … vegan except for the yellow noodle which contain egg … try the pho (rice noodle). (Happy Cow)

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