Guidebook A place of “spectacular scenery”


A place of “spectacular scenery”

“Some of the most exhilarating mountainous terrain in all of Vietnam,” is how Travelfish.describes Dien Bien Phu. “Winding along the rugged road that is Highway 6, one deep valley is followed by another, often with rice paddies dug in steps along the sides of the hills, reaching up to incredible, and seemingly inaccessible heights.” The road from Hanoi to Dien Bien Phu “winds its way for 420 km into the Annamite Mountains that mark the frontier with Laos,” writes Footprint Guides. It offers “perhaps, the most spectacular scenery anywhere in Vietnam.” What’s more, opportunities to “experience the lives, customs and costumes of some of Vietnam's ethnic minorities abound.” It’s a “bucolic corner of Vietnam … a garden of rice fields, forests, lakes, and clear rivers ambling through limestone corridors,” notes Vietnam Coracle.

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