Guidebook A slim guide to eating out in Dien Bien


A slim guide to eating out in Dien Bien

“There are no dining venues geared to tourists in Dien Bien Phu,” explains Frommers -- “you're left to your own devices among the town's rice and noodle shops … but assuming you've come this far over land, you'll be an expert with the basics in local cuisine.” The best shops are near the main intersection in town, advises Frommers, and the Dien Bien Phu Hanoi Hotel “serves good one-dish meals at their cozy little coffee shop on the first floor,” and the Muong Thanh Hotel “has a basic in-house restaurant.” And here’s Dien Bien Friendly Trip’s basic guide to local eating.

Here is the best of a small opportunity:

Lien Tuoi: “Catering mostly to foreign tourists, this large restaurant, a short walk from Hill A1–Eliane, serves a wide selection of Chinese, Vietnamese, and Western dishes … the most popular item is chicken stewed with mushrooms … menus are available in English and French, and be prepared to sit on plastic stools.” (Fodors)

Muong Thanh Night Market: “: “It is held daily from 8 p.m to 11 p.m to meet the demand for food and shopping … fo … fod must be the most alluring part during your visit to the market … favorite  … fsnacks, ethnic cuisine, some special delicacies are now on offer to satisfy your appetite.” (Maze Vietnam)” (Maze Vietnam)

Yen Ninh: “Small vegan Vietnamese restaurant. Uses a variety of faux meats. Owners speaks English.” (Happy Cow)

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