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District 3

“Leafy avenues skirt around a sprinkling of French colonial buildings and historical relics,” says Travelshopa of District 3. “Close enough to be considered District 1’s backyard, District 3 enjoys a quieter pace of life than its overcrowded neighbour.” Set on higher land than other parts of the mostly flat city, District 3 “still retains many original French colonial residences and examples of edgy ’60s architecture -- some of which have been converted into charming eateries,” writes Silver Kris.

This neighbourhood “allows you to experience the real deal Saigon life,” says The Culture Trip -- “a bit off the tourist’s radar but still central enough that you can walk anywhere.” District 3 is “home to plenty of colonial villas owned by French rubber planters in the early 20th century, for example, the more-than-200-year-old Tan Xa Palace, and a wide range of both upscale and street restaurants on every corner.” And if you want a taste of those flavours, go with journalist Barbara Adam as she takes Monocle’s Jason Li to her favourite food street: Cao Thang in the city’s District 3.

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