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Shopping in the Old Quarter

Hundreds of specialized craft villages surround Hanoi, explains Conde Nast Traveler, and after it was declared the capital, “craftsmen from these villages began to establish workshops in what is now known as the Old Quarter.” Today, each street in the Old Quarter is “still known for a specific craft and linked to the village where it it originated." The Old Quarter is “an intricate warren of streets laid out in a millennium-old plan, selling almost everything under the sun,” writes Trip Savvy. The narrow streets are “packed with family-owned shops selling silks, stuffed toys, artwork, embroidery, food, coffee, watches, and silk ties.” There are plenty of bargains -- “you simply need to haggle the price down.”  

Silk in Hanoi is good quality “and an easy buy,” advises Frommers. “Many of the shops are clustered along Hang Gai Street,” whose name translates as Hemp Rope Street (“it once housed ship-rigging shops but is now unofficially called Silk Street”). Hang Gai is “renowned for its quality and choice of craftsmen,” and two “absolute favourites” are Le Minh shop and Ta My Design. Both offer ready-to-wear pieces -- “perfect if you’re too pressed for time to get a tailor-made outfit during your holiday in Hanoi.” And bargaining is also “highly encourage”d to get a decent price -- “start at 50% off the asking price and pay no more than 70%.”

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