Guidebook Where else to escape from Hanoi?


Where else to escape from Hanoi?

Tam Dao Hill Station is “a former French hill station in a spectacular setting northwest of Hanoi … today it’s a popular summer resort -- a favoured weekend escape for Hanoians, who come here to revel in the temperate climate and make merry in the extensive selection of restaurants and bars … is a useful base for hiking, but the town itself is an unattractive sprawl of hotel blocks.” (Lonely Planet)

Nui Coc Lake: “Thai Nguyen province is the premiere tea growing region of Vietnam and is famous not only for its green tea, but also for its beautiful Nui Coc Lake and mountain scenery … located about 2 hours from Hanoi, this region is a popular local vacation destination for Vietnamese travelers who want to relax on and around Nui Coc Lake, but has yet to be widely promoted as a tourist destination for Westerners.” (Independent Travel Cats)

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