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Be careful

Like the rest of Southeast Asia, Vietnam has its share of scams that target travellers, explains Gregory Rodgers in Trip Savvy. “While most are more a nuisance than dangerous, some scams in Vietnam are far more cheeky and can literally ruin your entire trip if you fall victim.” Here he lists some common scams to avoid:

Motorbike rental scams: “be prepared to decline dozens of offers for a motorbike every time you leave your hotel … if you intend to rent a motorbike in Vietnam, do so through your accommodation.”

Cyclo and taxi drivers: “always confirm before getting inside any taxi that the driver will use the meter … if getting a ride from one of Vietnam's famous ‘cyclos’ or bicycle-taxis, agree on a clear price before getting inside.”

Hotel scams: “hotels have been known to double rates upon checkout by claiming that the price quoted was per person rather than per night. If your room has a refrigerator, confirm what drinks are present when you check in to avoid being charged for something a previous guest enjoyed.”

Ticket bookings: “be wary of anyone that approaches you around the entrance of bus and train stations — most are there to target tourists … con-artists will tell you that the train or bus is delayed or offer to book a ticket for you.”

Drugs: “even think about it … drug possession can actually carry the death penalty in Vietnam … individuals on the street try to sell marijuana to travelers, then phone a friendly police officer to come shake the buyers down for a large bribe.”

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