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Hop On A Motorbike

Vietnam has around 40 million motorbikes, notes The Economist, and they “terrify pedestrians” and “thunder 10-abreast along thoroughfares as well as worm down dark alleyways.” But this means that, compared with its choked neighbours, “Vietnam’s big cities are relatively uncongested.”

Riding motorbikes is a part of daily life in Vietnam, says Chris Brinlee Jr in Gizmodo. “Nearly everyone has one. Entire families of four will ride on one scooter. Local people transport truckloads of goods strapped to the back of their bikes. It's amazing.” And also tricky: “an elegant, yet frantic dance as thousands of bikes weave in-and-out of each lane with little regard for those around. Bumps are frequent; seldom acknowledged. Horns are used liberally as can be imagined. Put simply: it's insane.”

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