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Snorkel and dive in spectacular shallow waters

“Snorkeling and diving are probably the most popular things to do at Nha Trang,” explains Nomadic Matt. Go a little offshore and there are islands which offer both activities, but “it’s best to avoid the windy season (October and December).” Nha Trang Bay “boasts 12,000 hectares of reef-filled waters known as Hon Mun Marine Protected Area,” where most diving and snorkelling is done, says Travelfish -- “its shallow waters are one of the best places for beginners to learn how to dive in Vietnam.”

“There are literally loads of dive schools in Nha Trang,” explains Adventure In You. “This small beach town is littered with dive shops, all willing to cut you a good deal,” so here are some of the site’s tips: “Inspect equipment … check reviews online or get personal recommendations … find out their student to dive master ratio … ask how many people will be on the boat and what level your dive buddy will be.” And remember that the organization of the Nha Trang dive industry is “sometimes complex,” says Travel Dudes. “If you sign up for a trip with shop A, you might find yourself joined with a group and dive-master from shop B, which shares a boat with another group and dive-master from shop C, the boat itself being independently owned … it's a good illustration of Vietnamese culture, which does not stand on ceremony, and loves a bargain, and is very skilled at making maximum use of resources.” Oh, and the local dive-masters are “mostly great, friendly guys with lots of stories to tell.”

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