Guidebook Some of the best eating in the Central Highlands


Some of the best eating in the Central Highlands

Chu Quan: “Attracting Vietnamese of all ages, a warm buzz emanates from Chu Quan on the cold Dalat nights … Long and Dieu are a constant presence in the restaurant: tasting sauces and marinades, and chatting to customers ... Long was inspired to open a grill restaurant after visiting one of Dalat’s most famous barbecue joints, and realizing that he could do better.” (Vietnam Coracle)

Le Rabelais: “Inside the ornate Dalat Palace Luxury Hotel & Golf Club, this is French at its finest … the menu is said to capture ‘nouveau French cuisine with a touch of Vietnamese delicacies,’ meaning award-winning continental creations … matching the food are the garden views, while the interior is adorned with chandeliers, a fireplace and piano.” (International Traveller)

Tam 09 “is a must for adventurous food lovers interested in real local meals … try the fried frog with lemongrass (ech nup bui ro /ech chien sa) or vegetable and snake red curry (ca ri ran) … tamer but still tasty options include deep-fried tofu with chilli (dau hu chien), deep-fried eggplant (ca tim chien bot), seafood hotpot (lau hai san) and watercress salad (xa lach xoong tron hanh dau).” (Travelfish)

Quan Binh Dan 07: “A scruffy local restaurant specializing in cac mon nhau (drinking food) … the highlight of the meal for me was the luon um nuoc dua ... eel, tomatoes, glass noodles, and a plethora of greens were cooked in coconut water with a curry-tinged blend of spices … the result was a soul-warming pot full of all that is good in this world.” (Gastronomy)

Dalat Night Market: “A paradise of food for tourists … once delving into the cuisine here, you should never skip these four popular snacks: thit nuong (grilled meat), banh trang nuong (Vietnamese pizza), banh ong la dua (pineapple leaf tube cake), and sua dau nanh (soy milk).” (Maze Vietnam)

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