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Go to the Temple Of Literature, Vietnam’s first university

The Temple of Literature in Hanoi was built in 1070 as a temple to Confucius, writes the Wander Blogger. It was constructed “as a place of learning rather than religion,” and is known as Vietnam’s first national university. “Students at the Temple of Literature, particularly in the early days, were members of the elite, mostly bureaucrats, nobles, and royalty, and their studies were focused on literature, poetry, and Chinese philosophy.” The university closed in 1779, but many remnants of its use in those days still remain today.

It is Vietnam’s “oldest and foremost monument to education,” says Trip Savvy -- “the 1,000-year-old city of Hanoi predates the Temple of Literature only by a few dozen years, putting the Temple's visitors right in the middle of the Vietnamese nation's long, eventful history.” The Temple is made up of five different courtyards, featuring “beautiful gardens with ancient trees, topiary animal sculptures, and small ponds … they’re a much-needed quiet retreat after walking through the streets of Hanoi to get to the temple.”

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