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Notre Dame Cathedral, Ho Chi Minh City

“Don’t expect the Notre Dame of Paris,” says Travelfish, although this one “does have some similar elements. The cathedral -- the most important chutch in the city -- sits on Cong xa Paris square, with “traffic circling around it like a protective moat.” Designed by Parisian architect Jules Bourard, construction began in 1877 and “featured high-quality materials made in France including the distinctive red brick, roof tiles and 56 stained glass windows.” It was built during the time of the French governors, explains Vietnamnet, and during this period “all buildings were built in the military style which means the streets were straight and there were major buildings situated at major intersections.”

And take note, the cathedral is undergoing large-scale renovation which is expected to last for until the end of 2019, reports Viet Fun Travel. “The Masses are still held weekly but guests are not allowed to visit for safety,” but “you can still admire the scenery or take pictures from afar.”

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