Guidebook Venice has more masterpieces than almost anywhere in the world


Venice has more masterpieces than almost anywhere in the world

The best way to explore the city’s history and culture is through its museums, advises The Culture Trip. The range of art available in Venice’s museums is quite stunning, from Renaissance works to carved ceilings to masterpieces of modern art. Italy magazine offers a rundown of the city’s 11 civic museums with a video showcasing some of their spectacular interiors and a handful of the 200,000 works of art they hold. And Conde Nast Traveler shines a light on five lesser-known Venice museums worth visiting. “Venice also boasts many little churches with incredible works of art,” says The Culture Trip.    

Lonely Planet’s rundown of the city’s finest museum experiences includes these:  

Gallerie dell’Accademia Watch Venetian painters set the world ablaze with saturated colour and censorship-defying art.  

Palazzo Ducale The doge’s home décor is the world’s prettiest propaganda.  

Museo Correr Palace rooms dedicated to pink bellinis and blood-red Carpaccios.  

Ca’ d’Oro Baron Franchetti’s treasure-box palace packed with masterpieces.  

Fondazione Prada Futurist suits, video art and Duchamp suitcases are making waves along the Grand Canal.  

Peggy Guggenheim Collection Pollock, Rothko, Kandinsky and company make a splash on the Grand Canal.  

Palazzo Grassi Murakami’s manic daisies, Damien Hirst’s ship-wrecked treasures and other provocations.

Ca’ Pesaro Works from Klimt, Kandinsky and other modern masterpieces.

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