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Get yourself into Venetian gelato

They say that Marco Polo introduced ice cream to Venice from China, explains Generator. “In the following centuries, the Italians started adding dairy to the flavoured ice, creating what became known as gelato.” The difference between ice cream and gelato is small, “but Venetians insist upon its importance.”  And, says Urban Adventures, “there is nothing better than a relaxing stroll along the beautiful alleys of Venice with a delicious and refreshing gelato in hand.”    

Here are some of the best gelati places in Venice:   Alaska “is hands-down the best gelato place in town,” says Urban Adventures, a place where “tradition meets craziness.” Try out some “crazy flavours like avocado, ginger, and maybe even… basil? Everything is made from scratch using only the best seasonal ingredients.” There’s “something for everyone” at Alaska, observes The Culture Trip. “The shop is unassuming and easy to pass when not looking for it, but is a must visit for people looking to experience traditional gelato.”  

Bacaro del Gelato is run by a local young couple and “has become the go-to spot for delicious, traditional, homemade gelato and spectacular birthday cakes,” says [Urban Adventures](Urban Adventures).

Boutique del Gelato: “A no-frills experience where the focus rests solely on providing the most delicious gelato possible … a great place to try the classic flavors such as chocolate, vanilla or stracciatella,” advises The Culture Trip.

Suso Gelatoteca: “It’s the best ice cream you’ll ever taste, in explosive flavours such as bitter chocolate with mandarin, and salted pistachio with gianduja … the range is huge, and caters for everyone,” recommends Insider City Guides.  

Gelateria Nico: “With an elegant dining room, and a beautiful view of the sunset on the water, Gelateria Nico is the ideal location to get an evening treat … the shop boasts traditional recipes as well as modern combinations of flavors to create an enticing experience for customers,” notes The Culture Trip.

Foodie must-do list
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